Mystim Rodeo Robin


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Rodeo Robin is a strap set that is perfectly suited for a particularly intense sensation and stimulation. Mystim stimulation causes a tingly, sensual pleasure that can quickly lead to orgasm or if you prefer, can be enjoyed for hours.
Thanks to the fact that the straps are adjustable they can be comfortably placed, and then adapted so that they are strapped to the penis or testicles.
This device can be connected to Tension Lover and Pure Vibe.

Product Details

Penis strap: Length approx. 13.77 “
Testicular strap: length approximately 15.75 “
Adjustable straps

Note: You will need an e-stim device like the Mystim Tension Lover to activate the poles. Not Included, separate purchase required)

Warning: Current must never flow through the heart. Do not use if you have a pacemaker are pregnant if you suffer from epilepsy or on any broken or inflamed skin.

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